Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Daily newspaper sketch

News from the beloved homeland and a quick sketch of one of my valencia oranges almost ready for marmalade. Watercolor in 9x9" Aquabee sketchbook

thanksgiving day sail

Sailing past Alcatraz on Thanksgiving day. quick sketch in hand book sketchbook, which is my least favorite sketchbook and I wish that I didn't have it with me for the four day sail.
Sailing past coyote point.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

two sketchbook pages

I've also been asked to include more sketchbook pages, although my sketchbooks are usually just working out ideas for larger paintings. Here's just a drawing for drawing's sake. from a handmade sketchbook of arches HP. 11x8". watercolor and Tombo 4B pencil.
Again, just a working sketch, to try out some color for a hose which is in a larger painting that I'm almost finished with which will be posted soon. The teabag is nothing. These are from a smaller hand made sketchbook. watercolor and Mars 7B pencil on Arches HP. My smaller sketchbook is 7x5" made out of an old book. I've also been urged to open the comments page, so here it is.

study for larger painting

This is a watercolor study for a larger painting, even though this study is full size 22 x 30". It is a study of buckwheat which is beautiful this time of year along my running path in the Crescenta Valley park. The paper is Strathmore 400 series bristol which lets the watercolor just sit on top of to create the pooling of the paint which I like.
(I've been asked to include all this information about the paper, etc. so here it is)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Two watercolors

watercolor on Aquarelle HP, 30x22"
watercolor on arches HP, 20x30"

Sunday, November 05, 2006


magnolia pod and a jacaranda pod.
aquarellable stabilo
on paint chips.