Saturday, June 23, 2007

Last days of "June Gloom"

I have been computerless for the week, but am posting from my new Mac which hopefully I'll grow to love as soon as I can get the "keychain password" to stop showing up, and get it to accept my old Wacom tablet.
June gloom is the wonderful term for overcast marine layer mornings. It is nice and cool which is why June is a great time to be in so cal. Here's a plate of cherries and some honeysuckle.


  1. Not only do we like to sketch many similar things, but we have similar plates to put them on! I do love these and the clam shells (or were they mussels?) were austerely beautiful, in that Dee Farnsworth way I admire so much.

  2. cherries and honeysuckles. Was that a song by joan baez? Should be and your illustration the cover!

  3. Love the honeysuckle ...... beautiful sketch. The cherry plate looks like carnival glass ... wonderful.

  4. What a refreshing treat. No June gloom in the paintings. I especially like the beautiful pink glass plate. So loose and fresh!

  5. Thank you all for visiting my blog and for the kind comments. I really do appreciate them!
    I love this pink glass plate and don't know what it is.
    Carnival glass sounds nice. I'll research it. I used to collect Jadelite fire king, back when I could find pieces for 25cents. The pink plates were a wonderful gift from my sister. The cherries on them were too beautiful to not paint.


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