Thursday, May 29, 2008

Boy with wet hair

a painting that I have been working on for a while. Oil on canvas, "Boy with wet hair", 32x42"


  1. I just love this piece: the colors, the composition, the subject, and the stylized approach. Very eye catching.

  2. This is so dynamic, which is odd since the content is someone lying still. The foliage must have taken years to paint, but I'm glad you're a glutton for punishment, if these are results you get ;D.

  3. Your children laying in the grass series is so unique and powerful; beautifully painted with soft and glowing skin and vibrant colors. And yet there's something challenging and maybe even disturbing about them. I was thinking your still life paintings are more light and innocent than your pictures of childhood which despite the light in the images seem somehow dark. The children seem at risk somehow. Powerful stuff!

  4. thank you for three for leaving a comment. You have completely nailed it Jana in that I'm presenting a calm subject but trying to show some anxiety at the same time. I try and have very agitated brush strokes. I have been working on this series for maybe 20 years and am still not tired of it.
    I had a fantastic childhood, but think that there is too much anxiety in the world today. I am trying to mirror that. The reason I use kids/teenagers as subject matter is that I like to make the paintings life sized and this saves canvas......


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