Thursday, July 03, 2008

Late june figures

Two energetic women. Stabillo on animation paper.


  1. Or rather "great june figures"...

  2. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Hello Just love youre work. The life drawings are the best. Im learning on my own and was wondering if there is a book dvd ect on how to start these drawings with the lines you use. I really thank you for having this blog so much to learn from it.
    My e-mail is not working could you please leave written answer on your comments hear/
    Thank you so

  3. thank you both. Linda, no there is no dvd. My best way of learning is by drawing alot. I have a great "coach" , Karl Gnass, whom I have taken workshops from at the Animation Guild. His site is on the link column at right. I would take a workshop from someone who loves to draw if you can. I admit, I have drawing sessions where I have nothing good to post.
    Lately, either the models don't show up, or sessions are cancelled, and I find that I get very rusty if I don't draw every week.

  4. I love the way you concentrate on some parts of the body and fade out on others. Very exprssive figure drawings - thanks for sharing!


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