Friday, January 23, 2009

Fortnight lily

The fortnight lilies are blooming after those 10 days of summer weather. This is half plant, half sidewalk/shadows...... Watercolor on Arches hot press. 22 x 45".


  1. Brilliant!! I wish it were bigger so I could see all the stunning detail.

  2. Anonymous5:36 PM

    WOW! I'd love to see this larger! What a fascinating composition. I was sure it was a photo and had read your description and open the image. Now of course I can see the painterliness but I want to see it bigger! Did this take a long time to paint? It's huge! And stunning!

  3. thanks robyn and jana. I must not have changed my email address on this blog and am just getting your comments.
    I tried to add this to the blog in a bigger format, but was unable to. I'll try again. I'll also try posting a detail. Thanks for the interest!
    Yes, It took a while to paint. I tend to do these type of paintings when I need to work on a meditative type painting- where I'm painting/adding layers without alot of decision making once the composition is established.


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