Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Eve in Carpinteria

A large watercolor from last year. This is Carpinteria State Beach, CA on christmas eve. I love how the lifeguard stations are huddled together, safe from the winter surf. Below is a detail. Watercolor on Arches HP, Image 20 x 44". I did alot of drybrush on this.


  1. I'd give my eye teeth to paint like this! I love the light on the tree.

  2. 20x44! You make it look effortless! The composition is really interesting. I like the contrast of the darks and the light area and how the sand is so loosely painted but reads exactly right. I've started a half-sheet painting and it's feeling too small but I didn't think the subject warranted a full sheet. There's so much to see in this picture--I wish I could see it life size!

  3. I am wondering what kind of trees those are.
    I don't suppose you've ever seen that book I gave to your bro, The Horn Island Logs, by Walter Inglis Anderson. He used watercolor in drybrush well, like you do, except down around Biloxi, Mississippi.
    Another nice patch of California.


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