Wednesday, January 10, 2007

admiring Suzanne Somers

Click on image for detail. The weather report today comes from the front page and not merely the California section.


  1. Laura4:52 PM

    Yes, I agree on all counts. You have a way with fires, Dee. Were you born on a volcano? (Lest you think I'm too weird for asking---I was born on an extinct one.)
    Your sketchbook is a treasure.

  2. I now have a couple snapshots from the Malo Vega fire looming over Greenhorn Mountain at:

    It was very alarming this past summer! And yet, color-wise, was something also phenomenal.

  3. That was a great statement by SS. And it is sad the trees are so confused they're blooming in January. Meanwhile we've got freezing weather toes are sooo cold.


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