Monday, January 08, 2007

Sick of the wind

I may boycott the weather sketchbook until the wind stops. Someone was passing out roses from the float during farmers market. The tomatoes are "lemon boy" tomatoes that I forgot about and found in the garden while cutting some mint for mojitos. I planted them last spring and they are still on the vine.
They are a beautiful orange color. I recommend them. This garden/farmers market talk may sound great to you colorado people, but I can't go skiing today. Please click on an image, and it will enlarge and you can read notes, see detail, etc., but you know that. Not that there's alot of detail. These are very quick sketches and I still don't like the paper quality of the sketchbook.


  1. These are so fun! I love your drawing style.

  2. I just love these but I agree about the paper. There's something chintzy about it. I was so inspired by your weather journal that I was considering getting the paper again, just to have the weather headlines to paste in a weather journal of my own. That very night some annoying young hustlers came to my door pleading with me to order the paper to help them earn a bond to pay for their college. On principal I didn't because I think it's an awful scam, but still...I have no newspaper and they don't put the headlines in the on-line version...and I'd be copying you... I hate the wind too!

  3. Lovely illustrations. The paper clippings look wonderful against them, I really like the effect and it's very uniquely yours. Did you make the journals yourself? I can see the paper is slightly buckled but I love the format.

  4. Boycott?
    Isn't that a little harsh?

    I've heard of a columnist here, Juan Espinoza, who's kids never ate a grape until they went to college because he boycotted them that long. I don't think I could go that long without your fruit.

    I love garden tomatoes, but the ones in the grocery don't have much taste being shipped in from who knows where. May as well have chipped them out of a mine for all the flavor they have in them.

    Hope you get to ski again soon somewhere. Isn't there someplace close there, like Squaw Valley?

    What's a mojito?

  5. No Felicity, I did not make this sketchbook. It is a 5x5" Hand Book Journal which was supposed to be like a Moleskine but with better paper - for laying down a light wash. But I don't like the paper at all. Unfortunately I feel like I have to use the sketchbook up. I do make my own sketchbooks out of old books (I just use the cover) and I usually put 90 lb. Arches Hot Press paper in them. I will post some of these later. I am currently making a new book with heavier paper. I hope it doesn't become too "precious" for me to do some quick studies in.

  6. P.S. I thought on first read that you were going to boycott the weather (the way the page broke in blogger on my screen I didn't see Sketchbook after it weather). I like the idea of boycotting the weather, especially when it's windy!

  7. It's cold now, in SoCal! beignets! how lovely and delicious. I know I'm new to your blog, but have you tried the watercolor moleskine? I'm on my 4th one, and love them.
    Your weather sketchbook is a wonderful and creative idea.


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