Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hostas oil painting

I'm posting two older oil paintings done with grisaille technique (grey underpainting with colored glazes). One is Pacific Iris and the other is Hostas. Both are 20x20". Oil on canvas.
I'm posting only to let you know that I'm still committed to the blog, but am doing 10-12 hour days on the Simpson's movie and have very little time at the moment. Please stand by, and thank you so much for checking in on my blog.


  1. These are so beautiful and make me crave oil painting. Did you use grey paint or another color for the grisaille. I haven't completely given up on oils but get really frustrated with alternatives to turpentine for intial washes and I know turps is dangerous. Seeing your oils is thrilling -- these are fabulous.

  2. thanks for the kind comment Jana. I never use grey paint. I put some mars black and some titanium white on my palette and keep mixing what I need from both with each brush stroke.
    I don't like the uniformity that happens when one pre mixes a blended color.
    I use Weber's turpenoid for the initial washes.
    These two oils look a bit desaturated to me today on the blog. They are a bit deeper in color really.
    I will post another floral soon.

  3. Great paintings. I really enjoy the style and they look so real they could be photographs!


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