Saturday, April 21, 2007

too busy to paint

It's true. I'm too busy working (as an efx artist this time) to paint, although I have a couple of weather sketchbook entries. Here's some photos. The first - of a building in Beverly Hills across from a great little art show (Elizabeth Peyton) that I went to last weekend, or the weekend before..
Here's a delicious macaroon on top of a note telling me to order my dinner at Film Roman where I am working on the Simpson's Movie. I ate about 5 of these.
Final photo -the Fox lot in Century City before I had to put my camera away. The photographs in the theatre on the lot are fantastic. Make sure you look at them when you go in there. Classic b&w photos of movie-making.

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  1. It's fun seeing these photos...sort of little peek at what you see in your interesting life. I'll look forward to your weather sketchbook postings again soon I hope.


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