Friday, August 17, 2007

Hot weather for sketchbook

A couple of pages of the weather sketchbook, which is really a Handbook Journal, although the size is 5x7" landscape size which I really don't like - too wide. My answer to Cin's comment/question about if I like these journals, is yes, I do like them. My favorite is the 5x5" one. The paper is nicer than Moleskine for a watercolor wash. They are good for quick sketches, and not for finished watercolor paintings however, which is hard for me to remember that that is the purpose of a sketchbook, to work out ideas, and capture quick images. Sometimes I find myself trying to make a finished painting in them. The Handbook Journal paper absorbs the pigment in a nice way. You can see the difference in the august 13 squash in journal, then on Arches cold press paper. Both paintings have the same Holbein Aureolin yellow watercolor paint.

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  1. You can really see the difference in richness of color, depth and vibrancy between the sketch and the painting. I like the 5x5 one too, though I'm not so crazy about the paper. I just made a little sketchbook by tearing up a two sheets of watercolor paper and having them bound at Kinkos with a wire binding. I'm not crazy about it aesthetically but I'm liking having having the real thing.


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