Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Costume gesture drawing

These are quick (2 or 3 minute) sketches done with watercolor on animation paper, from the Thursday night gesture drawing sessions at Disney. If you want to see some good sketches, go to Mark or Cholki's blog. The links are on the right.
The model was wearing a transparent "korean summer gown" and had black underwear on.


  1. What fun! How lucky you are to have access to such sessions--long may they last! These are so fluid and like little blasts of color. I'll check out the others you link to.

  2. How exciting! I wanted to cheer out loud when I saw these. I love the bright color and asian look and feel to these. Thanks for explaining about the transparent kimono and black underwear. I was trying to figure that out, thinking it might be some sort of chastity belt or something even kinkier.


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