Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leaving one sky for another

The Utah sky from my favorite restaurant, The Bit & Spur" in Springdale, and driving back into my home state of California which is on fire. These are the east side of the fires near Lake Arrowhead at first sight from I-15 (tuesday). Thought the freeway would be closed the closer I got, but I made it home.


  1. Wow! Amazing photos. I was watching the news last night and hoping that you were OK and that your little balcony home was safe. I'm glad to hear you're OK. Are you far from the path of the fire? I hope so!

  2. Dee, glad you made it home all right! I've been watching your journal to see if there were any new firefighter sketches...

    Scary be careful.

  3. glad to see you survived the fires. such an awful time for southern california!


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