Monday, November 19, 2007

Day2 New York

A friend from Denver who now lives in Brooklyn, took us to a very quiet place called, "Simple Cafe" where the chef told us the specialty of the night. This is a great little place and is somewhat new to the neighborhood. The owner treated us to a round of champagne and brought the bill in this little bucket. This is one of the best restaurants I've been to. I went down to Soho for nostalgia of the gallery scene of many years ago, and was surprised to find a great Joseph Raffael show at Nancy Hoffman gallery.


  1. Thanks for the restaurant tips (I'm in CT) and you are making me crave pie now!

  2. What a treat to see pictures of the Raffael show on your blog. I'm on his and the gallery's mailing list so I got the announcement. You can't really appreciate his work in print since it's so huge and he hasn't had a show here in ages. Your pie sketch with notes is great!


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