Saturday, November 03, 2007

Life Drawing Finally

"Woman with dark hair".
Now that life drawing sessions are every other week, they are very precious, plus it takes longer to get rid of the stiffness. These are 5 minute poses. Stabilo on Animation paper. I missed the session two weeks ago, and will miss the one in two weeks both due to being out of town. It drives me crazy to miss these. I need to find more sessions to sneak into, although it would be weird to draw with another group.


  1. Beautiful sketches, love the soft feel of these.


  2. These are just beautiful - so light and sensitive.

  3. Were these drawn in the order they were posted? It feels like the last one is the most relaxed and flowing. I like it a lot (and the one above-- is that a sort of pin-up pose?) Are these wash pencils (forget what they're really called but they're graphite that dissolves in water). Lovely work.

  4. I think these are beautiful - I particularly love the way the shadow defines the model in the first pose.

  5. These are beautiful - I need to pick up some water soluble pencils

  6. I love your life drawings...they have so much movement and freedom! how I wish mine could look like this!


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