Saturday, August 02, 2008

Liriope Muscari

This is a Liriope Muscari. Watercolor on Strathmore Plate Bristol. The paint just floats on top of the paper, and doesn't take alot of layers, which is why I love it. I keeps a watercolor loose. 30x22". And to answer a kind person's question, yes, everything on this blog is for sale. After posting, I noticed that it looks pale on my monitor. Hope it isn't too washed out on yours.


  1. Dee, this painting is gorgeous! I thought it was a photo! - If you want to put the award image on your blog, you can save the award image with a right mouse clickto your computer and then go to your blogger layout section. You then should choose "add new side element". Then you have to chose "image". Put the path (that is, where you saved the image on your pc)on the side and save. That's all.
    Kind regards from

  2. Very nice indeed Dee!

  3. Hi Dee - found your wonderful work via Claudia's blogger award listing. As I paint floral and garden watercolours as well as contemporary acrylic and oils, found your studies wonderful. I have always found irises a delight to work with and simply love your composition and colours. Regards from East Anglia in England.


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