Thursday, August 28, 2008

New sketchbooks

I'm making some new watercolor sketchbooks from older fiction books, which kills me to cut up, but I do it for "art". I'm trying to get the perfect sketchbook ready for an upcoming trip to Italy, where I am going in October to harvest olives. These are filled with 90lb. arches and strathmore watercolor paper. An assortment of both hot and cold press. I used a nice glassine packet from Philippe's as an end page, to protect the watercolor paper, and state where the book was made (Los Angeles).
I really can't decide whether to bring a larger sketchbook, or very small. Sometimes, I would rather not paint at all, then use dried up pan colors, and small brushes, but I am going to pack very lightly, as I have to bring work gloves, etc., my mandolin.......


  1. Wow, Dee, sounds like a wonderful trip...and excellent priorities, sketchbooks and mandolin, what else would you need?! ;-)

  2. Anonymous10:57 PM

    These look like very soul satisfying sketchbooks indeed. How exciting to visit Italy. Not sure about the harvesting olive part though. It sounds like hard work?

  3. What a great trip! And those olive trees will have lots of character.
    As for sketchbook size, a light weight alternative is to bring a piece of foam core and loose sheets. They can be torn down to tiny pocket size or left at what ever size you like to sketch. Have fun.

  4. Great watercolor sketchbooks! I hope you come back with them all filled with some wonderful gems. Also, you'll need to fill us in on the olive harvesting.

  5. Have fun in Italy. I finally made it there two years ago, and now I "get it" about art and Italy!

    Have you seen my Italian olive tree drawings? Italian Olive Grove

    Olive trees and Paint


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