Sunday, February 15, 2009

Continuing previous images from newspaper

Again, these were taken from color xeroxs. Watercolor on paper, 3x4". From original "Images from the Newspaper" series. Of course, I changed the image quite a bit from the actual newspaper photo. These were done in 2000-2002. I exhibited 100 of these type of drawings in a show in Hollywood sometime in early 2002 I believe.


  1. Hi Dee, I added your blog link to my recent post because your newspaper watercolors inspired the direction of my crazy sketch. I hope you don't mind. Your small watercolors from newspaper photos are just beautiful.


  2. Yay! More weather and newspaper images! I love these! And though we don't even realize it's grapefruit season in CO, I am def gonna make grapefruit margs this weekend--I think we might hit 60 on Saturday! I'll drink to you and this series!

  3. This series is awesome!!! I love your work!

  4. Your paintings are lovely and I love your colour use.



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