Saturday, February 14, 2009

February weather

watercolor on paper, 3x4". I am not gluing the newspaper clipping on the next few months of small watercolors, as I'm working out of sketchbook, and planning on using these for a show.
I had a show of 100 watercolors this size several years ago of images generated from the newspaper and have started a new series of these.
Even though it's cold and rainy (a good thing for LA winter) it is still grapefruit season which make the best margaritas.


  1. These are wonderful. It sounds like a really good idea for a series. Will be following!

  2. I was so sad when it looked like you were not going to continue your Weather series, Dee. It's such a treat to find them back again.

    I particularly love the figure with the umbrella. I'm pulling up a chair for the series.

    What a lovely gift you chop is. Unfortunately I left one I'd had for over 30 years in Australia, but I still do recall having a bit of trouble inking it.

  3. thanks casey and robyn!

  4. I love your weather series and I am glad to see it back. I agree with Robin the figure with the umbrella is wonderful. Great wet in wet background and then the reflection on the street—wow!


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