Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fire in Hollywood Hills

I have some 7x7" watercolors of the fire/helicopters coming, but for now, this quick study of the fire which unfortunately I actually saw and breathed. Today's scent of jasmine which grows out my front door is much more pleasant.


  1. Great paintings - that fire is amazing. I grew up in Southern California and remember those fires so well; the smell is unforgettable.

  2. James Hubbell, well known organic architect and artist, did paintings of the Cedar Fires of 2003, as they burned his hand-built home to the ground (25 miles from where I live). Your work reminds me vividly of his.
    gosh I love your sketches!

  3. I love the jasmine sketch and they are so wonderfully fragrant. You see way too many fires. I hope you're safe and sound and no more smoke for a while.


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