Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Handmade sketchbook

I made this new sketchbook with an old hardback book titled "pastoral" and filled it with Arches 90lb. HP and some CP paper. I find alot of discarded hardbacks at the local library. I'm looking for one with the initials "df" embossed in the front cover. It is very difficult to cut up a book and recycle the pages. I feel bad for the author, but at least I'm putting the cover to some good use.


  1. These are so gratifying to look at---all fresh and crisp and well made. I do like the contrast between the vintage cover and the fresh, new paper. I don't think I could take apart a book, but there's really no reason not to---and every reason to, when the results are as handsome as these.

  2. I love your water colour sketches. It sounds like you live an interesting life.


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