Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I have been painting alot but it's all digital (adobe photoshop) painting for freelance work.
Here's a digital wave and a watercolor banana.


  1. Banana poppy seed muffins sound fantastic! Yum! I know you do 2-D work but those bananas look positively 3-D! I'm glad to hear some new work has come your way. I hope it's enjoyable.

  2. I chanced upon your blog. I love your work. There were so many things I wanted to comment on, but decided I'd just do a broad brush stroke here. From the figure drawings, to the watercolors of food and cars and places. It's all really wonderful. I used to do little watercolors when I traveled—nothing as good as yours. I found the places I visited stuck with me more because sketching plants you there. Good luck to you and I hope you've managed to get that paycheck.

  3. thank you Denishe


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