Friday, September 14, 2007

Girl with Papaya

An older watercolor. The same girl who was the model for "neglected girl with astors and peonies". This is girl with Papaya. Am working on several watercolors and one oil and have nothing new to post today. This is 22 x30" on Arches Cold Press.

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  1. This is so amazing. Her face and skin are wonderful as your people always are. The pattern on her blouse (let alone all that detailed greenery) must have taken forever! and when I see it I'm sure exactly what it looks like. It leaves me with so many questions--there's something so ambiguous about your paintings of young people...something both dark and frightening as well as peaceful and serene. I'm assuming you work from photos since I doubt your young models would pose for so long. How do you work out all the greenery in the painting--do you grid up from the photo, trace, or just draw freehand? Amazing work--I would love to see a gallery show with this series.


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