Monday, February 12, 2007

mid february

This is all food for some reason, going into the weather sketchbook. All food from a recent pasta dish that my sister made. Stabilo and watercolor in 5x5" Hand Book Journal.


  1. How simple and how beautiful. Sometimes I feel like diving into your little pages---life would be so tranquil there.

  2. these are soo beautiful and fresh!! Did you splatter white gouche on the asparagus? Love that. and the shine on that lemon. wow!

  3. Thank you Laura and Jane.
    No, Jane, the white on the asparagus is only "white out". I was away from my studio after painting the asparagus and killing some time around someone else's office supplies, BORED OUT OF MY MIND, so I just tried to make the painting pop.

  4. Hey Dee I finally made it to your blog. Very Nice. I hope you're going to post some of your animation work as well. Sounds like good salad.mmmmm

  5. The weather headline combined with the asparagus both made me chuckle and made my heart sing with joy (slight hyperbole, I know, but that's what it felt like). I so wish we had weather headlines here to stick in my journal. I've found a similar good use for my square handbook journal which I don't like much. I've dated all the pages consecutively and I'm doing a quick little drawing of something from the day at bedtime and a quick little drawing of my dreams in the morning with a litlte writing. Now if I just had a weather headline it would be perfect. Maybe I'll make them up myself.


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