Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pulling Dandelions

The latest entry of my weather sketchbook. Stabilo in 5x5" Hand Book Journal. Below is a quick watercolor of the same dying dandelion in my hand made sketchbook of 90 lb. Arches HP. I pulled a bucket of dandelions today, listening to a mourning dove which is exactly what I had to do as a teenager for a chore and/or punishment which seemed like a huge ordeal then, but actual therapy now.


  1. Your sketch book appears to have a subtle gradation from pink to blue. Is that through the scanning or the page itself?

    Sounds like a pleasant day. Pity you can't make wine with them, being city 'lions.

    I used to think of them as weeds and nuisance, until I saw a beautiful mountain meadow one spring swarming thick with them between San Isabel and Wetmore, Colorado.

    Mourning doves sleepily remind me of staying with my grandmother during the summer when mom was in the hospital having another baby in the Sixties.

  2. Beautiful pieces. Both color and black and white. Your watercolors are really very beautiful. Much to pick up on for me.

  3. Just found your blog ... a wonderful treat. I'm loving your weather sketchbooks. Your pencil and charcoal works, awesome.

  4. YOur sketches are all the food sketches!


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