Sunday, February 25, 2007

Two days of nametag wearing

These are the trailers on the lot at Prospect Studios and as I was passing by them and without dropping names, let me just say that the most handsome, "dreamiest" man on tv right now said to me, "Just another beautiful day in Paradise". And it was - even though the weather says partly cloudy.
My next name tag is from the Animation "Chocolate Oscars" party the night before the Oscars where all the animation nominees get together for dinner. (I am not a nominee but I would love to work on someone's film as you can see by the small type on my nametag). This is a pic of Producer, Lise Fearnley, of "The Danish Poet". I'll post more pictures later. Good luck to all the talented artists tonight.


  1. Hummm, are you talking mcdeamy? Nice sketch of the trailers. So were the chocolate oscars the ones I saw wolfgang spraying with gold the other day on tv?

  2. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Hi Dee, my name is Joseph Porcelli, I found you blog as I use google alerts to search for all things "name tag". I write because I am hosting the Name Tag for a year social experiment and was curious on how long you plan on wearing your name tag. If your plan on wearing you name tag for more than a month (or get inspired to after you read our blog) we would love for you to join us by blogging about your experience on the name tag blog Thanks.

  3. Fixed the communication problem on my blog ... thanks for your comments and stopping by.

  4. Was he as cute as he looks on TV? Did you have to wear an evening gown to the Chocolate Oscars? What fun!

  5. anything oscar-movie related is fascinating to me. Not to mention, Chocolate!


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