Saturday, March 10, 2007

Asian air pollution

It looks like I may have to postpone my "cars splashing water" series since it doesn't rain in Los Angeles. I will get to return to my firefighter series however as soon as more assholes throw their cigarette butts out their SUV windows. I really don't understand how anyone can do that. Like my bumper sticker says, "HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS". Our beaches and streets are not ashtrays. I have one more page in this particular sketchbook (5 x 5" hand book journal) that I may or may not fill.
8 march is a quick sketch of some sweet-potatoe fries served with blue cheese and a sprig of rosemary. It's very delicious with a pale ale.


  1. It's fun to see the three of these together. The cantaloupe is a small gem. Those sweet potatoes sound out of this world! What kind of paper are you using here, Dee?

  2. Yum (sweet potato fries)! Your journal continues to give me such pleasure. There's always that funny tweak that happens to my mind when I see the beautiful watercolors juxtaposed with the weather.

  3. My mother's been trying to get me to eat sweet potatoes for years, but just steamed with nothing on the side. Now she says there's something in regular potatoes that aggravates arthritis. I just bought some Yams. Last one I bought just sprouted leaves on the windowsill.

    My favorite ale comes out of Fort Collins New Belgium Brewery, based on some old recipe, "1554" Black Ale. I wonder if you can even get it where you are.

    It's springtime in the Rockies! "Rocky Mountain High" just zipped through the statehouse as a second state song.

    I'm sweating those people with the cigarette butts here along CO Hwy 165! We're on a 200 year burn cycle. A lot of beetle-killed pine all around my area. Mostly retirees in the forest/urban interface who don't (or won't - they can afford to have it done) cut them down.'s dense, and kinda scary.

    Looking forward to whatever you do next.

  4. the cantalope is indeed a gem! gorgoeus. and I see you had a healthy lunch in preparation for your sweet potato fries.
    I just love this sketchbook of yours!

  5. I do like the way you juxtapose pose weather forecasts and different items - makes me look harder!

    Lovely drawings too of course!

  6. thank you all for your comments. Laura, the paper is the original paper in the Hand Book Journal Co. sketchbook. I have the 5 x 5" one. I didn't like it at first which is why I started pasting newspaper in it, but now I'v grown attached to it..... It would be good for traveling and doing quick sketches but it won't take a second layering of watercolor well.


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