Saturday, March 17, 2007

Driving past Point Dume

This is the last page of the 5x5" Hand Book Journal Co. sketchbook that is my "weather sketchbook". It is a quick road sketch while traveling the PCH. The photo below is the sketchbook on top of a hand made sketchbook made from an old book cover and filled with Arches 90lb. HP paper. It is the new weather sketchbook. The paper is too thin to be much more than a weather sketchbook. As I'm posting this, a breeze is coming right through three citrus trees that are blossoming and carrying an incredible scent. I'll have to post more later.

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  1. The watercolor looks like it could be a photo with such wonderful value contrasts. I'm so glad the weather sketchbook will continue! I wish I had the time and patience to make my own books but I think spiral binding at Kinkos will be as far as I get in that direction (after I use up the 3 more handbook journal books that I stupidly mail ordered before trying them based on someone's recommendation).


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