Monday, March 19, 2007

some cucumbers and sugar swivels

This is the new weather sketchbook which I made out of an old book cover and 90 lb. arches hot press paper. Not an ideal sketchbook paper-wise. It's good if I paint/draw on only one side.
There's nothing like an IN-N-OUT burger every couple of weeks.. ..... The sugar sticks came with some lattes in pasadena. I love these. They are a nice invention and a fancy way to start an overcast morning.


  1. Enjoyed this entry with the burger. You make me hungry with all the food's you place in front of me. I also loved the entry's you did before this one. You teased us with the photo of your open sketchbook ... wanting to see the other goodies placed on the table... also loved the PCH entry. Good stuff.

  2. I never thought a burger could look so good! Yes, I liked the photo of the sketchbook too. Seeing your books in that setting is so interesting.

  3. You should see one of her cake paintings!

    I predict that someone will have a birthday soon and then...ta da!

    Cake Painting!

  4. Dee, this is my first visit to your blog(through the comment you left on Jana's blog)
    You do amazing work! Your use of line and color, value, composition, the cutouts that accompany your a real joy to look at.
    I'll be back to enjoy more.

  5. Wow! Love the pickles and burgers...but how on earth did you stop eating at one bite and take the time to paint it before eating the rest!

  6. thank you all for visiting and commenting.
    Jana, I cheated......took a photo and then worked from the computer moniter. There is no way I could stop after a bite! I have that problem trying to draw my favorite new margarita with freshly squeezed ruby red grapefruit. i took a pic of that too and will post soon.

  7. the burger is indeed gorgeous! ooh, and I now I can wait to see the ruby red grapefruit margarita. (I just made a grapefruit themed quilt, but hmmm, a margarita...) Love the sugar sticks too. so classy.


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