Friday, March 02, 2007

Holly Golightly's dress

This little-couple-of-inches of newpaper was the only good news in the whole front section of yesterday's paper. Money from the dress (which I drew laying on the ground like most of my figures) will be building 15 schools in India.
I took this picture of a magnolia yesterday at The Huntington where I gathered alot of painting reference. Today I went back to Pasadena to the Pasadena Museum of CA art where I saw a fantastic watercolor show in the back gallery. Definately recommend it.


  1. That's why I quit reading the paper. I found myself in tears way too often. The show looks great at the Pasadena--the piece they display to represent the show is amazing. Maybe it's worth a trip down there to visit my mom and see hte show. Has your mom recovered enough to go home yet? Your sketch of the dress looks interesting though you've covered it with your newspaper article.

  2. Yum, the Pasadena Museum of CA art showing watercolor sounds great. I loved the movie "Moon River"... Miss Hepburn was such a classy woman ... even when wearing pants she looked wonderful...

  3. wow, that photo of the magnolia is gorgeous. Something sad and powerful about it. I look forward to your painting (or whatever) of it.


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