Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Detail of previous post

I'm including these detail of previous weather sketchbook for those sweet people who actually ask me for watercolor advice. This geranium blossom might be my favorite flower that I ever painted because I looked at it as a whole shape, not individual petals. I loaded the shape with water so that the pigment would float and dry at the edges. I consciously try and leave white spaces for that "watercolor sparkle".
The girl/woman detail I like too. The watercolor is added quickly and left alone - no second layer. The freckles near the nose were one of those accidents that happen in watercolor and why I love the medium so much.
I would include a really bad watercolor painting of a pepper tree with some musicians jamming under it so you could see a really bad example of watercolor and maybe not be so hard on yourself, but I have directors looking at this site and I need to jump on another film project......

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