Monday, July 30, 2007

end of july weather sketchbook pages

Some goofy pages. They are more like scrapbook pages with bits of paper/napkins glued to them. I do hope all you Simpson Movie viewers are noticing the beautifully hand drawn bubbles in the polluted lake scene. An example of one is on 30 july page (in blue rather than brown).


  1. Hi Dee,

    i just stumbled over your blog while looking for life drawing opportunities in LA - and your post from before mentions exactly that. Was that a studio internal opportunity or do you know of any figure drawing gatherings here in town? Any advice?

    And on your art - you sketchbook scans are beautiful. Simply beautiful.. Congrats!!

    Cheers and thanks for any help,

  2. Dee these are wonderful. I love the juxtaposition of the "delicate instruments" and the ladies with attitudes. The bubble is wonderful. I will definitely look for your bubbles in the lake scene when I see the movie. Is your work in other scenes as well? The back lit tomatillos are gorgeous too.

  3. Thanks for checking in Jana. Yes, I worked on the entire film as a key assistant in EFX. Anything that moves that is not a character we are responsible for.
    We also add tones on the characters, and cast shadows. I love doing EFX, but I usually paint backgrounds. It's nice to switch around and it's great to be able to use a real pencil on real paper at work. Thanks for seeing the movie and supporting 2D animation!!


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