Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Zuma Beach

I have a new sketchbook for the weather journal. It is a landscape sized Handbook Journal 5 x 7" that was sent to me accidentally when I ordered a portrait size. I didn't like these books at first, but they are perfect for the weather sketchbook. This is from a great day at Zuma beach. Click on image to enlarge. I don't know why this posted so small.

The model didn't show up last Friday so we drew two of the artists who volunteered to pose. 3 minute poses. I concentrated on the head instead of getting the gesture. I have very little time to draw in general during the day, with an overwhelming amount of freelance work, and I also feel I have so little time to draw once I'm at the Disney sessions. The 3 minutes go by very fast.
Stabilo aquarellable on animation bond.

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